Starting Over



Ok, yes. I forgot I had a blog.

My life has been a little hectic lately, but I’m going to make more of an effort to keep this thing going now, I promise.

No excuses, but here are my excuses: a full time job, various family commitments, two adorable dogs, a car crash, babysitting duties, a death in the family, a pathetic attempt at a social life, a not so healthy wine dependency, a pretty severe TV addiction, a year long bad mood and a total lack of inspiration… Does that give you an idea as to why I haven’t been blogging like a maniac over the past year and a bit?

A lot has changed for me since I last blogged – for one, I’m now no longer a student, although I do still like to drink like one. I graduated in July 2015 with a First (not bragging, obviously) and I went back home to Suffolk for just over a year working in a children’s nursery. Seriously, come at me if you think you know The Gruffalo story better than I do. I will take you down.

However, now I’m back in London on a mission to avoid baby poop at all costs.

I want to write. So yes, let’s begin here.

I’m starting this blog again. It’s had a bit of a makeover and I’ve completely wiped it clean so no one will see my old posts ever again. Not that many people did in the first place…

I’m setting myself a 30 day challenge. For the next 30 days, I have to post at least 1 creative blog post per day. It can be a short story, or passionate piece about something that’s inspired me, or a bitter rant about something that’s annoyed me… Who knows what I’ll come up with?

Obviously, I’m not crazy – I have some stories saved up from my course at uni that I will be posting, but none of them will go up without a full edit, so I think that’s ok.

I’ll start today with a short story from my Creative Writing days…





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