Anyone that knows me will know I have a really dark and truly warped sense of humour.

I’m pretty sure I got it from my Grandma – the woman who told me, you know, just for fun, that you weren’t allowed to eat the seeds in raspberries, that if you stayed in the bath too long you’d turn into an old lady, and that it wasn’t peacocks making that noise at night, it was the woolly cows.

I believed that last one for far too long.

Yesterday’s post was a little dramatic. Spoiler alert: death. I thought it would be good to lighten the mood a little today.

I like writing in all forms…

Except poetry,

It’s dumb and no fun, sorry,

But it’s not for me.

Yes, that was a haiku. Or at least I think it was. Whatever, it’s the only form of poetry you’ll see on my blog ever.

Back to my point – I like writing in lots of different forms, but what I enjoy most, and what I think I’m best at, is screenwriting. Dialogue is my thing. I love writing dialogue. I’m one of those creepy people who stand in queues and eavesdrop on your conversations just to see how you say the things your saying. If you see me with a notebook and I’m within ear shot, then be warned, I’m probably writing about you.

With Day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge, I’m going to introduce you to an extract of my television comedy series called ‘The Transplant’, and to Megan Delaney, who, out of all the characters I’ve ever created, is without a doubt, my favourite. A lecturer at university upon reading my script described Megan as ‘a monstrous creation of whom you should be proud.’ I am proud. Unashamedly so. She’s a horrible human being, but I love her.

A little back story:

Megan Delaney is a rich, acid-tongued, narcissistic socialite with a severe drinking problem, and Ryan Owen’s worst nightmare. Ryan, having recently lost his wife in a car accident, wanted to ensure that her organs were donated to deserving people, so imagine his horror when he finds out the recipient of his wife’s liver is Megan. Ryan makes it his mission to keep his wife’s liver alive and with the help of his brother, Justin, and Megan’s long-suffering personal assistant, Josefina, he tries to help Megan quit drinking for good. When it comes to Megan, Ryan can’t liver with her, can’t liver without her.

Remember that really dark and truly warped sense of humour I told you about? If you read the next post, you’ll see exactly what I mean.





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