30 Day Challenge: Day 5 – Watching



He leans in for a kiss, but she is distant. She stares out of the window, watching the graffiti stained tunnel go by, pretending not to notice his advances. Maybe she thinks it’s too crowded for PDA. Which it is – just breathing on this train feels like an attack on your senses.

Maybe she’s mad. What did he do wrong? Did he look at that girl over there, the one with the short skirt? I mean, yes, her legs are nice, but nice enough to look at in front of your girlfriend? Probably not. Maybe he said something stupid. Guys say stupid things all the time. A man at the back of the train just said that Brexit means we can’t compete in the Eurovision Song Contest, for example.

He puts his hand on her thigh, but she is not interested. She crosses her legs so his hand slides off her sheer tights, slumping down into the space between the seats. He says something, but she doesn’t answer. He says it louder, ‘Don’t be like that, babe.’ She is looking in any direction but his, irritated. He continues talking quietly to her again, whispering in her ear, but she hates it. She stands up and walks to the middle of the train, holding on to the pole in the centre. Maybe he cheated on her or something? There aren’t many things that elicit this kind of reaction.

He gets up and walks over to her, holding the bar just above where her hand is so his little finger and her thumb touch. She readjusts her hand positioning, still not meeting his eye. He stands closer so when the train turns a corner his body leans up against her back. She looks around the train with a look of desperation etched on her face. Is she ok?

Maybe he’s not her boyfriend. Maybe he’s just a friend that can’t take the hint. Some guys literally need to be told straight that it’s never going to happen, but when you do that you’re a bitch. So, it’s a win-win situation for the girl either way, obviously. She moves away from him again, walking towards the door, hanging on to the rail above her head. Again, he follows.

‘Just leave me alone!’

Everyone else’s head shoots up as her light voice echoes around the quiet train. No one has really taken notice of them up until now, except me. Now he’s very aware he is being watched. He walks away from her, standing near the opposite door, glaring at her.

She doesn’t even know him. He is stalking her. What a creep.

‘The next stop is North Greenwich. The doors will open on the right hand side.’

She sighs in relief as the train comes to a stop and the doors open. He watches her walk out, a strange look of anger on his face. At least she’s away from him now.

He looks out of the doors, seemingly watching her walk down the platform.

Just as the doors begin to close, he slides out. He’s not done with her.


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