So far I’ve posted the stories of a desperate, repressive mother talking to her dead son, a monstrous alcoholic liver transplant patient, a girl in a psychiatric prison and a 1960s New Yorker influenced by diffusion of responsibility.

I hope it’s clear by now that my protagonists and characters are not me.  I’m not one of those writers who directly use their own experiences in their work. Some people I know find writing about their own lives therapeutic, but I hate it. In a class once I was asked to write from my own point of view about an event that had impacted my life. I tried, but ultimately made one up.

Of course my writing is influenced in some way by my life, but you’ll never read a story or script on here that is a direct transcript of something that has personally happened to me.


  1. Because I’m boring.
  2. Because it’s none of your business.
  3. Number 1 again.

I prefer to create characters and write through them. Writing in character is similar to acting – you have to become them for a little bit, as crazy as that sounds. Something I do a lot with my writing is ‘hot seating.’ I saw some drama student friends of mine do this to get into character – they’d ask each other questions in character to get to grips with who they were playing. I took this idea and adapted it into a written conversation between an interviewer and my characters. I find it helps – even the little details like how they take their tea or if they like puppies helps you figure out why a character acts the way they do.

Anyway, enough of my pretentious writing bullshit. I just wanted to make sure it was clear that I’m not mentally unstable, or an alcoholic, or a psychopath or a now 80 year old American man.

Day 5 will be posted shortly.




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