Someone once described a piece of writing of mine as ‘a whole lot of waffle.’ After our discussion I went away and I thought about her comment. Then I ranted about it to everyone in sight, tweeted about it with a rolling eye gif, marked her marking of my work with offensive and sarcastic comments, put a curse on her and her entire family and wished upon her a plague of grammatically and factually incorrect essays forever more. You know, that was the mature thing to do.

That was in my first year of university. I’m a lot better at receiving criticism now.

Looking back, my writing did contain some amount of ‘waffle’. Some of my first drafts were horrendous for it  – there was a piece in which I wrote 500 words about an abandoned sock on the pavement. I think I was trying to exhibit the theme of loneliness and show parallelism  between the sock and the way my protagonist was feeling in what I thought was an incredibly subtle way, but apparently, no.

Writing flash fiction has never been my forte. I feel like I need more than 100 words or so to describe an event, a character, a feeling…a sock. However, I have given it a go for Challenge Day 7.

Soon to be posted is a 100 word short story. Don’t worry, it’s not about a sock.





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