I’m currently in the middle of adapting an idea I first wrote at uni into a four-part television drama series. I decided to enter BBC Writers Room again, and was a bit stuck for ideas – so I decided to go through some of my old coursework.

Perspectives caught my eye, mainly because I had forgotten that I wrote it. It’s a novella, or at least the start of one, about two very different women and how they impact each other’s lives. There’s a psychiatric hospital, a murder, deception, countless secrets, and a plot for revenge that goes very, very wrong.

In my third year of uni I was so obsessed with my dissertation that I think I wrote this particular piece of coursework on automatic pilot. I still like the overall plot, and I think the characters are great, but I don’t think I thought certain aspects of it through as much as I should have.

Now that I’m adapting it, I’ve had a chance to do just that.

Anyway, for Day 8, I’m posting the first two chapters of the novel version. I’m hoping to have the script for the first episode done soon, so maybe I’ll put an extract of that up too, just to show you how different it is…

It is a longer piece again, but if you get a chance, please have a read. If I haven’t convinced you so far, there’s a reference to Satan’s pubic hair in it. Come on, you’re a little intrigued, aren’t you?




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