30 Day Challenge: Day 11 – Escape



She longed to escape from the hollow trees. From the dusty road tracks that led her nowhere. From the quiet where disappointment was implied in every sentence. The church bells chimed that same old tune again, warning her of the years ahead trapped here. She wanted to escape from the place where her privacy was public knowledge and her life choices the topic of debate. From the constant natter; the endless talk of who had done what and why and when and where. Stories of people leaving were ignored and the plights of those who tried were laughed at, and then forgotten quickly, as if they never happened. She wished to escape the sea of unfulfilled lives, the people who tried and tried to do something more but failed. Their compromises written on their faces, but no one knew how to declare unhappiness. The feeling of discontent was never learnt and so it couldn’t be felt, though deep down, everyone knew they truly wanted to break free. Still, they all just smiled and told her ‘There’s no place like home.’


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