30 Day Challenge: Day 12 – It’s Rude to Stare



We made eye contact. Of all the people we could have been looking at, we were looking at each other. It’s rude to stare, I know, but even when people swayed in our way, we continued. I could feel it. His gaze. My station was next – I smiled at him. He didn’t really react, but I knew he understood that it would soon be over. The woman next to me tried to follow my stare, to see what I was seeing – she couldn’t. It was just me and him. The train came to a stop, but I didn’t turn to face the door. People pushed past me, apologising profusely. I was the one in the way, making no attempt to move – I should have apologised to them. Time came to break eye contact. I finally looked away and walked out on to the platform. Goodbye Usain Bolt poster.

What? You think I was staring at an actual person for all that time? Are you insane? Don’t make eye contact with anyone on the train, ever.


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