30 Day Challenge: Day 15 – Paranoid



Keep walking. Just keep walking. Pretend like you’re on the phone, in deep conversation. You’re so involved with the conversation that you don’t even notice. Laugh, you’re amused. Act like you’re talking to a good friend, one who will call for help if they hear anything suspicious in your voice. They know you that well. How the hell do you act that? Glance back. Is he still there? Walk faster. But not too fast, you don’t want him to know you’re scared. Laugh again. Everything’s fine, everything’s great. It’s not dark or secluded or terrifying. No one is following you. You’re just chatting away on the phone. It’s casual. This is a normal situation. He’s probably not even following you, he’s just going the same way. People walk the same way all the time. Cross the road. You’re fine, just over thinking things, as usual. Such a drama queen. Get over yourself. Glance back. Is he following? Walk even faster. Not long until you’re home now. He’ll be gone by the time you get there, you’ll see. Just don’t panic. It’s fine. You’re fine. Cross the road again. Any people? Any cars? Anyone at all? Damn it. Should have pretended you were talking to a boyfriend or a husband on the phone. He wouldn’t still be following you if he thought a man was waiting for you to come home. That a man would miss you if you didn’t show up. That a man would come looking for you. The alleyway. This isn’t a good idea. This is a terrible idea. It’s the quickest way to get home, but it’s an alleyway. No, go around the other way instead. It’ll take five times as long, but it’s out in the open. It’s better. Is he still there? Maybe he wants your bag. He can have the bag. Maybe you should drop your bag and run. But you need your keys. Can you subtly get your keys? No, they’re probably right at the bottom of the bag amongst all the useless crap you said you’d sort out last week. Why didn’t you? What if he wants more than the bag? Walk fucking faster. Glance back? How close is he? How big is he? Can you out run him? No. It’s fine. You’re ok. You’re just being paranoid. You’re just being-


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