30 Day Challenge: Day 18 – Celtx is My New Enemy



So, this isn’t really a creative piece of writing… It’s a flat out rant that I’m using for Day 18, because it’s late and I’m tired and no, you can’t stop me. This counts, ok?

This post is coming so late because Celtx, the screenwriting software that has stuck by me through thick and thin ever since I discovered it at uni, betrayed me tonight. Shocking, I know.

It’s the deadline for the 4Stories Scheme tomorrow so I thought I’d put the finishing touches on my application today and have it sent off my 3pm at the latest. Celtx had other ideas, and by other ideas, I mean that Celtx decided to turn into a gigantic pile of horseshit and screw me six ways from Sunday.

Apparently, Celtx doesn’t like to format scripts correctly on Sundays, so for most of today I’ve been manually formatting a 50 page script. Anyone that knows Celtx will know that usually it’s a dream to use, but not today people, not today.

I eventually, after many hours of screaming, swearing and fighting all urges to throw my laptop across the room, finished my script. It’s all sent off now, but Celtx is dead to me.

Of course I will continue using Celtx as it’s free and I can’t afford Final Draft because I’m not a billionaire. Just let the record show I’m not pleased about it.

That’s all.



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