30 Day Challenge: Day 22 – Motives (Extract 2)



See Day 6 for Extract 1.



FELICITY, JULIA, ADELAIDA and LILY are sat around the table. All take a sip of their drinks. Calm. Then:

ADELAIDA: So, Ed got himself fired.


ADELAIDA: Yeah. He was messing with the numbers so he could bring a little extra home and guess what? The stupid bastard got caught…

LILY: What do you mean, messing with the numbers?

ADELAIDA: Carrying the two over, flipping the one, dividing the seven… I don’t know. All I know is that he was screwing his clients out of a lot of money…

JULIA: Why? He makes a shit-tonne as it is! I assume…

Julia drinks her wine quickly.

LILY: What are you gonna do?

ADELAIDA: Well, I mean, I can make money from my business until he finds another job…

Pause. Felicity, Julia and Lily look unsure, awkward almost.

Julia reaches in her bag and takes out another bottle of wine, stalling for time, while Felicity and Lily avoid eye contact with Adelaida. The three seem to indicate to one another that one of them should ask the obvious question.

Julia finally asks less than sensitively:

JULIA: So…remind me, what are you on now? The hand-made stationary or the kids’ clothes?

ADELAIDA: No, the jewellery.

Julia pours herself another glass of wine.

JULIA: Right, of course…

FELICITY: Wait, what happened to the candles?

ADELAIDA: Oh, that was ages ago. Before the wind chimes.

LILY: I forgot about the wind chimes…

Adelaida fiddles with her earrings.

ADELAIDA: My jewellery’s good though, right? You’ve seen it. I can make enough money with it…

Felicity, Julia and Lily nod, unconvinced, all sipping from their drinks to avoid commenting.

ADELAIDA (CONT’D): I just can’t believe he’d be so stupid. You know what his defence was? He was worried he wasn’t making enough money for me…

FELICITY: At least your husband was trying to make you happy…

LILY: What’s Doug done now?

FELICITY: He stole my job.

ADELAIDA: What? He got Partner?

FELICITY: Yep. And he didn’t tell me about it until all the contracts were signed. He didn’t even tell me he was going for it! How shady is that?

JULIA: Bit of a dick move.

LILY: You were planning on going back to work soon, Flick?

FELICITY: Well, yeah. Zach and Danny will go to school in September, and Matty and George will be old enough for nursery, so I figured I’d go back then then Lawrence would promote me, as promised… But apparently my husband beat me to it.

Felicity finishes her wine. Julia goes to fill Felicity’s glass, but she puts her hand over the top of it indicating that she doesn’t want any more.

ADELAIDA: So, when you go back you’re gonna be-

FELICITY: Doug’s employee… And there’s no chance of any of the other partners leaving or retiring any time soon so I’ll never make partner there now…

JULIA: I can’t believe he didn’t tell you about it.

FELICITY: I know. But it all makes sense now… This is why he put so many babies in me. It was all part of his plan to steal my job.

JULIA: Well, at least your husband put his baby juice in you and not in someone else.

LILY: What?!

Julia goes to answer when:

ADELAIDA: Jack cheated.

Adelaida pours herself another glass. Julia looks over to Adelaida, annoyed.


JULIA: Oh yeah… With our young, skinny, perky, attractive, homewrecking, dick-sucking, husband-fucking, STD-carrying, dumbshit slutbag twat bitch whore of a secretary…

Julia downs her wine. Pause. The others are sat in a state of shock at Julia’s rant. Then:

ADELAIDA: You know what? I hate men… Like, why would Ed think I need more money?

Julia looks pissed off that her problem has been sidelined.

ADELAIDA (CONT’D): My God, have you seen the size of our house?

JULIA: People from space have, Adie.

Julia holds her glass out to Adelaida, indicating she wants some more wine. Adelaida is oblivious.

FELICITY: Why can’t men have babies and go on maternity leave and fuck up their careers?

Julia clears her throat, trying to get Adelaida’s attention.

ADELAIDA: They wouldn’t be able to take it.

Julia taps her glass with her fingernail to try and get Adelaida’s attention. Adelaida still doesn’t notice.

ADELAIDA (CONT’D): Have you seen that video on Facebook with the two guys with the…what are they called? You know, the things… The electrodes! And they get shocks that are like contractions-

JULIA: I’ll give you a contraction if you don’t give me the bloody wine!

ADELAIDA: Oh, sorry, Jules.

Adelaida passes Julia the bottle. Julia pours herself another glass.

FELICITY: Anyway, what about you, Lily? What’s going on with you?

Lily shrugs, smiling.

LILY: Nothing really, everything’s good.

JULIA: Oh come on, Nick must have done something…

LILY: Nope.

ADELAIDA: He hasn’t forgotten to do something or said something stupid or pissed on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night and let you walk in it?

The others look to Adelaida, like ’what?’

ADELAIDA (CONT’D): Honestly, I could pee standing up and aim better.

JULIA: So, nothing?

Lily shakes her head.

FELICITY: You make it so hard to like you sometimes, Lil…

Everyone laughs, but they all know there’s an element of truth to what Felicity said.


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