30 Day Challenge: Day 23 – Perspectives (Extract)



For Chapters 1 & 2, see Day 8. For Chapter 3, see Day 13. For Chapter 4, see Day 20.

Chapter 5: Melanie

If we were anywhere else I’d slap her so hard that smug look would fall right off her face. So she thinks she’s sussed me out; big deal. What does she think is going to happen now? We’ll become best friends and talk about our dickhead husbands while braiding each other’s hair and syncing our periods?

Let me think about that. No.

Is your husband having an affair? Please, try affairs. My husband really went to town in order to screw me over. Not just the one blonde bitch like any normal adulterous bastard, but two blonde bitches. Oh, and a brunette bitch and a red-headed bitch and a bitch with electric blue streaks in her hair. Obviously my husband likes variety in his bitches. Of course, not with age though; all of them are in their twenties.

‘That’s none of your business.’

Christ, I ripped into him… Not physically; I have no idea how he got the bruises – I certainly didn’t give them to him. Like I’m going to start a fight with a six foot, four man who’s built like a brick shit house. No, I used my best weapon. There isn’t a name under the sun that I didn’t call him, and trust me; he did not like what I had to say. Richard’s surrounded by people who are paid to lie to boost that overinflated ego of his even further, and for a long time I fell into that category. Not now.

Our marriage was strained, even before I found out about the affairs, but we’d stayed together out of politeness and mutual pride. A divorce would ruin both our reputations. Funnily enough though, after I found out, I didn’t give a shit about my reputation; I wanted to take him down, even if it meant I went down with him. So I told him I wanted a divorce and that I was going to tell everyone about his extramarital activities; no one’s going to vote for a cheating, cradle-robbing scumbag, but he was one step ahead. Like always.

‘My husband’s been having his affair for a while now…’

And now on ‘The Amelia Trent Show’, Amelia Trent, talks about herself!

Is there a gun lying around here anywhere? My brain would love to meet a bullet right about now…

‘I still haven’t told him I know.’

Oh, now she’s making it difficult not to react on purpose. Look at her; I can hear the click click click of the wheels turning in her head.

‘I found out a month ago, but I haven’t confronted him about it yet…’

I know she’s testing me, trying to figure me out.

‘I even ironed a shirt for him last night knowing damn well just who he was going to be wearing it for.’

‘What the hell is wrong with you?!’

All right, that outburst was a little obvious, I’ll admit. But come on, how the hell can you do nothing when you find out your husband is cheating on you? My God, when I found out about Richard’s affairs I wanted to shoot him in the face. I nearly torched the house with him in it for God’s sake. I mean, honestly I was so damn close to taking a knife to his dick. And here she is, cool as a cucumber, while her husband is probably sticking his cucumber into some skanky whorish slag.

‘It’s not easy to bring it up…’

Well, apparently it is for him, honey.

‘I’m waiting for the right moment.’

‘That’s bullshit.’

‘Well, how did you confront Richard?’

‘I just told him to-‘

Oh shit. Good one.

And look; right on cue, there’s that smug grin again.

‘You just what?’



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