30 Day Challenge: Day 25 – Internal Monologue: Julia Davis



Sometimes I write internal monologues to figure out how a certain character would act in a situation. I think this helps especially when there are a lot of characters in a scene all struggling to be heard. When I was writing Motives, I wrote several internal monologues for Felicity, Julia, Adelaida and Lily, but this one for Julia really helped me with her character in the scene I posted for Day 22. These monologues are usually short, and might not seem like a lot, but thinking like the character helps me with everything from writing their dialogue to figuring out how they would act in the worst of circumstances. Whatever, it’s a load of writing waffle, I know, but it’s Day 25 and I am fresh out of ideas for tonight so this is what you’re getting.


The secretary. The fucking secretary. He fucked the fucking secretary. Yes, Doug stole your job, and Ed got himself fired, but Jack fucked the fucking secretary. No one cares. I said I don’t care, so they don’t care. They should care. I don’t have to, but they should care that I so obviously don’t care even though they know that I do fucking care. My husband fucked the fucking secretary. No, you know what, he can go fuck all the secretaries he likes. You’d think my friends could just spend five seconds asking me if I’m ok, though. I showed an interest in their stupid little problems, offered some advice that they will, of course, ignore, and what do I get in return? ‘You know what, I hate men.’ Really? That’s great, but we weren’t talking about men, we were talking about Jack – you should hate Jack. Him. Not men. But no, we’re back on the Adie show. Or the Flick show. Or the… Well, Lily doesn’t really have a show because her life is so perfectly boring, but that’s not the point. None of them care. And you know who else doesn’t care? Jack.  He wouldn’t have fucked the fucking secretary if he cared.


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