30 Day Challenge: Day 28 – The Transplant (Extract 2)



For the first extract of The Transplant, see Day 2.


MEGAN stares out of her window across the hallway into the room opposite her: a MAN (80s) and his FAMILY are celebrating with champagne.

Megan is clearly suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms (shakiness, sweating, nausea, insomnia, headache). She dials her phone – it goes straight to voicemail. Megan is furious. She waits for the beep to begin her message.

MEGAN (into phone): Where the hell are you? You were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago. I don’t pay you to sit around on your ass all day. Now drop that enchilada, put on your sombrero, hop on your donkey and get your fat little Mexican ass over here with my breakfast booze.

Megan hangs up. She stares across the hall at the old man and his family again. A NURSE (20s) walks in. Megan looks her up and down. The nurse looks terrified. Pause.

MEGAN: I’ll give you $20,000 for your uniform.

The nurse looks at her in horror, then shrugs her shoulders.

NURSE: Okay.

The nurse goes into Megan’s bathroom. Megan gets her chequebook out of her bag.

MEGAN: I’ll throw in an extra $5000 if you leave a urine sample.


MEGAN: Just piss in the bottle, genius.

Megan signs the cheque.


Ryan walks down the corridor towards Megan’s room, past the window of the room opposite to Megan’s, looking in to see the man and his family celebrating along with Megan, dressed in a nurse’s uniform being handed a glass of champagne. Ryan sighs in disbelief, then knocks on the door of the room and enters.


Megan, the man and his family turn to see Ryan at the door.

RYAN: Sorry to interrupt…

Megan tries to hide behind her glass.

RYAN (CONT’D): Nurse Megan, can I see you outside?

Megan looks as if she could kill Ryan, but then smiles.

MEGAN: Of course, doctor…

Megan walks towards the door, attempting to hide her glass.

MEGAN (CONT’D): Now Stanley, you just keep up the good work okay? I don’t wanna see you back here again, you hear?

FAMILY MEMBER: Thank you again.

MEGAN: Oh, don’t thank me. I’m just doing God’s work…

RYAN (under breath, to Megan): Would you come on.

Ryan grabs Megan’s arm and pulls her to the door.

MEGAN: And CeCe, good luck with the gastric band. You’re doing the right thing – remember, there’s no room in heaven for fatties.

Ryan pulls Megan out of the room.


Ryan marches Megan back to her room. Megan tries not to spill her drink.

MEGAN: Easy tiger, you’ll hurt your wife’s liver.

RYAN: Shut up.

MEGAN: What the hell are you doing back here? Can’t liver with me, can’t liver without me, huh?

They arrive at Megan’s room. Ryan pushes her inside, then slams the door behind him.


Megan goes to drink from her glass.

RYAN: For God’s sake, Megan.

Ryan snatches the glass from her. She looks furious.

RYAN (CONT’D): You need help. Serious help.

MEGAN: You need deodorant. Serious, industrial strength deodorant. Now give me the-

Megan goes to take the glass back, but Ryan moves towards the window, holding the glass out, ready to drop it. Megan gasps dramatically.

MEGAN (CONT’D): Woah, okay. Let’s not do anything crazy. Wasting good champagne is a sin. Drop that and you’ll earn yourself a one way ticket to hell.

RYAN: Fine, I’m gonna need this anyway.

Ryan downs the champagne, then throws the glass out of the window. Megan is horrified. Megan sits down on the edge of her bed, physically shaking.

RYAN (CONT’D): Would you look at yourself. You’re shaking, you’re sweating, you’re on the verge of vomiting-

Megan goes to say something, but Ryan beats her to it.

RYAN (CONT’D): And no, not because I smell. You need professional help. Look, I’m a rehab counsellor. I can help you…

Megan looks vulnerable.

MEGAN: You can?

Ryan is shocked at Megan’s interest.

RYAN: Sure. We can set up an appointment and talk about treatment plans…

Megan nods. Ryan smiles sympathetically.

MEGAN (emotional): Could you do something for me now?

RYAN: Of course, what?

MEGAN (deadpan): Jump out that window and die.

RYAN (shocked): Wow.

MEGAN: Look, you were fun at first but I’m bored of this now. So, get out or I’ll have my maid sit on you. She’s a large lady – trust me, all that’ll be left of you will be a few strands of that awful straw-like hair, a couple white blood cells and an ear lobe swimming in a puddle of B.O. juice.

RYAN: I’m gonna help you whether you like it or not.

MEGAN: What’s the return policy on livers around here? Is it a twenty-eight day thing, or what?

RYAN: Is my wife’s liver not up to your standards?

MEGAN: No, and neither is the liver’s first owner’s husband. Now get out.

Ryan walks to the door, opens it.

RYAN: Fine, but I’ll be back to check on you tomorrow.

MEGAN: I’m going to catch Ebola just so I can give it to you.

RYAN: You’re a delight.

Ryan leaves.


Ryan bumps into Megan’s maid, JOSEFINA PENA-RIVERA (57, of Mexican descent, short, fat, wearing a maid’s uniform under a coat).


RYAN: My fault. Wait, are you Megan Delaney’s maid?

JOSEFINA (offended): You see a middle-aged Mexican woman and instantly think maid? That’s racist!

RYAN: I’m sorry! I just assumed-

JOSEFINA: Well don’t! You know, it’s people like you who keep this stupid, outdated stereotype aliv-

MEGAN (OFF STAGE): Josefina!

Josefina freezes.

MEGAN (CONT’D, OFF STAGE): Shut your fat, chimichanga eating mouth and get in here!

Ryan raises an eyebrow at Josefina. She smiles at him.

JOSEFINA: You still shouldn’t just assume.

Josefina walks to Megan’s door.

RYAN: Wait. Look, I’m a rehab counsellor. When Megan drinks and get’s herself in trouble, call me.

Ryan hands Josefina a card from his wallet. Josefina puts the card in her bag.

­­RYAN (CONT’D): I don’t care what time.

JOSEFINA: Okay. I’ll call.

Ryan and Josefina smile at each other.

MEGAN (OFF STAGE): Josefina!

Josefina rushes into the room. Ryan listens.


MEGAN (OFF STAGE): What are you apologising for, you being late or the fact that you smell like you bathed in my Chanel No. 5, you thieving, lard assed Mex-crement…

Ryan walks away, laughing to himself.


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