30 Day Challenge: Day 30 – Motives (Extract 3)



For previous extracts of Motives, see Day 6 and Day 22.


The kitchen looks new, professional and very expensive.  

Julia is preparing dinner, her anger going into chopping vegetables. Jack walks in, a wad of paper in his hand. Julia doesn’t even acknowledge his presence.

JACK: Hey…

Julia ignores Jack. Jack puts the paper on the counter.

JACK (CONT’D): I need you to sign this contract for the Harrison account…

Jack pushes the contract towards Julia. It says ‘J&J DAVIS PRESS’ across the top. Julia takes one look at it, and pushes it off the counter on to the floor. The papers scatter everywhere. 

JACK (CONT’D): Okay. You’re mad. I know…

Jack picks up the papers and shuffles them into a pile.

JACK (CONT’D): But this is to benefit our company. Can you just sign-

Julia grabs the papers, dumps them in the sink and turns the taps on.

JACK (CONT’D): Julia!

Julia still doesn’t respond.

JACK (CONT’D): Look, it meant nothing…

Jack walks towards Julia.

JACK (CONT’D): I’m sorry-

JULIA: Jack, I swear to God, if you come any closer, I’ll stab you in the face.

Julia holds the knife up to Jack.

DYLAN DAVIS (17, looks older) and MADELEINE DAVIS (14, spitting image of Julia) walk in. Julia continues chopping vegetables and she and Jack try to act normal.

JULIA (CONT’D): Hey kiddos. How was the film?

MADELEINE: It was all right…

DYLAN: What are you talking about? It was awesome!

MADELEINE: Well, it would have been better if you and your friends weren’t kicking mine and Tabitha’s seats the whole time…

DYLAN: You shouldn’t have sat so close to us then, should you?

MADELEINE: Whatever.

DYLAN: What’s for dinner, Mum?

JULIA: Lasagna.

DYLAN: Do well.

Pause. Awkward moment. Dylan and Madeleine sense the tension.

MADELEINE: Oooh, what’s going on here?

JULIA: What?

MADELEINE: What have you done, Dad?

JACK: Nothing.

DYLAN: Yeah, right…

MADELEINE: Mum’s mad.

JULIA (clearly mad): I’m not mad.

MADELEINE: Wanna tell your face that? Come on, what did he do?

JULIA: You kids and your drama. Look, everything’s fine… See?

Julia kisses Jack to prove it.

MADELEINE: Gross, guys…

Dylan and Madeleine leave the room, disgusted. The second they’re gone, Julia stops kissing Jack and kicks him in the groin. He falls to the floor in pain.

Julia turns the taps off and gathers the soggy papers from the sink. She hurls them at Jack’s face, soaking him in the process.

Julia then goes back to chopping the vegetables, as if nothing happened.

JULIA: Sorry, hon, did I hurt you?


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